Caring for my kids when I'm at work

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Insight to Help You Select the Right Childcare Centre

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As you juggle your home responsibilities with your job or education, it can be difficult at times and therefore necessary to hire outside childcare services. Whether your child is a baby, toddler, or preparing to enter preschool, they will need childcare at a reliable centre when you are at work or school. Here are some tips to help you choose the right daycare centre. 

Watch the Staff Interact With the Children

During your initial visit and consultation to arrange for daycare services, you should be able to take a full tour of the facility to check out its interior environment and the activities that go on. Look into the different areas of the centre to find out if they keep all babies in one area and separate the toddlers and preschoolers into another or how this is managed. Look at how many daycare members are available to each child and if one employee has to take care of multiple babies or children. 

Then, consider what types of activities the children are participating in and if they have free play times along with managed activities, such as story time, crafting, and educational concept games. Although your daycare is going to provide care for your child's basic needs, they should also be able to teach your child some basic fundamental and developmental tasks. 

Check the Centre's Rules

The childcare centre should have regulations and policies that determine how the staff will take care of your child. These include details about how mealtimes are completed, and diaper changes or nap times should be designated. You should be able to request a written copy of these regulations so you know what to expect for your child's care. If there is an emergency, you will know what the staff at the centre will do, such as if your child is sick or if there is a building emergency during childcare hours. Will they evacuate the building during a fire drill or other emergency to another designated site and how will they contact you? Also find out how to designate who is allowed to pick up your child from the centre.

Be sure that you also check into the drop-off times and the rules surrounding them and if there is any flexibility. When you drop off your child, does it have to be at the same time each day or can you be flexible? If, for example, your work schedule is different for each day, find out if the centre will tailor your childcare to your work hours.