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How to prepare your child for school in the new year

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As the current year draws to a close, both you and your child will be excited about taking a break and enjoying the holidays. However, the holidays tend to go by fast. Before you know it, your child will be required to report back to school for the new semester.

Many parents get caught off guard when a new school term begins. They may rush to prepare their children at the last minute, causing unnecessary stress. Here's how you can prepare your child early for the new school term.

1. Help your child in cleaning up their room

After the holidays, your child's room will likely be a complete mess. Toys may be spread everywhere, and your child may not even know where some of their school supplies are.

About a week or two before school starts, make sure you help your child to clean or rearrange their room. This is a good time to try something fun and refreshing, such as moving the bed to a new position or hanging different artwork on the walls. Just make sure your child gets in the habit of being clean and tidy in the days leading up to a new school term.

2. Go school shopping early

Does your child need supplies for the new term? Avoid a last-minute rush, and go school shopping early. If you delay, you may have trouble locating important items, or you may find yourself going off budget.

Make sure you find out everything your child needs for school, and purchase them a few weeks before school reopens.

3. Find out what the lesson plan for the upcoming year will be

When your child is in preschool or kindergarten, you play an important role in ensuring that the child absorbs and understands what they learned at school. Make sure you contact your child's teacher to find out what's on the syllabus during this upcoming year.

Will your child be introduced to the alphabet? Will they take their first math lesson? Make sure you're aware of any upcoming lesson plans. In this way, you can support your child's learning by being ready to help them understand what was taught at school.

4. Take note of important school dates for your child 

The school year can be hectic for both parents and teachers. Make sure you note down all the important upcoming dates. You should be aware of any parent-teacher meetings, school trips, and talent shows that the school will be hosting during this upcoming year.