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Early Learning: 3 Kinds of Activity Offered By a Child Care Centre

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As a parent with a young toddler, the time will arrive when it is time to take them to their first early learning class. Early learning is an important part of the developmental process. The early education sessions are designed to expose your child to a range of different fundamental skills. The early learning sessions at your local childcare centre will also provide you with the ideal chance for you to introduce your child to other kids so they can begin learning how to socialise. Below is a breakdown of the kinds of activities your child may take part in during an early learning session.

Counting Games

The child care staff will play games with your child to encourage basic understanding of numbers. For example, the child care staff member may sing a song about a monkey with 5 bananas. Each time she reaches a number, they will pause and encourage the children taking part to shout out the number. Even if your child doesn't know the answer to how many bananas are left in the monkey's tree, they will soon learn to mimic other children. With enough repetition, they will soon start to understand the basics of mathematics.

Spelling Games

The early learning activities your child takes part in will also introduce them to the basics of spelling and language. At first, this will typically take the form of the child being asked to colour in pictures of the letters of the alphabet. As your child is colouring in these letters, the child care staff will repeat the sound the letter makes. Over a number of weeks, this will progress to the point where you child can begin to spell their own name and identify individual letters when they see them.

Creative Games

Finally, a good child care centre will encourage your child's creativity. This is usually achieved by allowing your child to experiment with paints, play-doh and puppets. Using paints will allow your child to learn about the different colours in the world and how they change when they are mixed. Painting their own pictures will also allow them to express themselves in new ways and will provide you with great fridge art. Play-doh will allow your child to construct their own structures and objects as they explore how they can manipulate the environment which surrounds them. Finally, using puppets will encourage your child to use their imagination to tell and understand stories.

If you would like further information about early learning, you should contact your local child care centre.